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MVP Marketing Program

The key to better marketing is here.

Our MVP Marketing Program makes it easy to attract new clientele, offer engaging promotions, and keep your social media content fresh all year round. With perks like these, you’re bound to win the Most Valuable Player award with customers, every time!

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Bar and restaurant marketing materials

The MVP Marketing Program gives bar and restaurant owners turnkey marketing solutions to help attract and retain customers. Solutions include:

  • On-premise marketing materials – Receive posters, window clings, banners, and more to display throughout your establishment!

  • Content for multiple sports –  Broadcast MLB EXTRA INNINGS,® NHL® Center Ice,® NBA League Pass and more!

  • DIRECTVMVP credits – Receive credits to order merchandise on DIRECTVMVP.com.

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With DIRECTVMVP.com, take advantage of all the marketing support that DIRECTV provides for loyal customers like you!

  • View, download, and print out the most up-to-date sports schedules

  • Get helpful hints to help grow your business

  • Access exclusive promotional merchandise and digital assets

Perks you don’t want to miss

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DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder App

Patrons can find your establishment and watch the biggest games! Using GPS, DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS maps sports bars and other establishments that subscribe to DIRECTV programming so your customers can watch the sports they love where and when they want.

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Manage your restaurant or bar entertainment in one centralized location using the DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSsm Remote App. You’ll have the freedom to control all your DIRECTV® Receivers from a single location, giving you more time to tend to customers!

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Provide fans with weekly sports schedules

Get the latest DIRECTV matchups and programming and draw crowds with the hottest sporting events.

  • Learn about upcoming events in advance

  • Use your zip code to see local channels, events, and times

  • Easy to print in black and white and distribute to staff

  • Available to receive by email, logging into DIRECTVMVP.com, or by going to sports.directv.com



The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program provides comprehensive solutions for enhancing customer awareness, equipping businesses with a range of tools to effectively highlight the unique features and advantages of DIRECTV, thereby setting them apart from competitors.

To learn more, visit our MVP Customer Service page.

What channels are included in the DIRECTV MVP package?

The DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program includes local sports channels. 

If you choose to add a sports package to your plan, you will also have access to out-of-market games. Call 1-833-951-1626 to speak with a member of our business support team to review your options.

How much does DIRECTV MVP cost?

This program is free of charge. It’s an optional program available to business owners who currently have a DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS plan.

Your monthly bill will depend on the plan you have selected.

How do I sign up for DIRECTV MVP?

To sign up for the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program, please call 1-833-951-1626 to speak with a member of our business support team.

What do I get with DIRECTV MVP?

With the DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program, you get a variety of benefits, including: 

  • On-premise marketing materials

  • Content for various sports

  • DIRECTVMVP credits, and more!

Call 1-833-951-1626 to sign up, today!