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SELECT™ All-Included

155+ channels

$3999 per month
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160+ channels

$4499 per month
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CHOICE™ All-Included

185+ channels

$4999 per month
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XTRA All-Included

235+ channels

$5999 per month
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ULTIMATE All-Included

250+ channels

$6499 per month
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PREMIER™ All-Included

330+ channels

$11499 per month
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Two Easy Ways to Get 2019 NFL SUNDAY TICKET

Option 1: Get it Included at No Extra Cost w/ CHOICE and Up

Get 2019 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET included at no extra cost with CHOICE All-Included and up.

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Option 2: Add it to Existing Package

Order 2019 NFL SUNDAY TICKET for $293.94 or 6 payments of $48.99 (existing customers only).

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Kick off the 2019 Season with all the Best Features

Watch on the Go

Take the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app everywhere, so you can watch the big game at home or on the go, whenever you want.

Playback All the Highlights

Rewatch all the best highlights with video playback, including that Hail Mary you missed.

Cast Live Games to Your TV

Stream all live NFL SUNDAY TICKET games in stunning HD—you’ll feel right in the middle of the action.

Set Player Alerts

Take your fantasy league to the next level. Set player alerts and upgrade to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX for DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE® CHANNEL.

Watch All Out-of-Market Games

Catch every live out-of-market game, every Sunday. Add the RED ZONE CHANNEL® to watch scoring plays around the league.

Access Stats, Scores, & Schedules

Make yourself an expert on all things football, and keep tabs on game day scores, stats, schedules, and standings in real time.

Preview 8 Games at Once

Use Game Mix to watch up to 8 games at once on a single screen, including a game clock and scoreboard for each one.

Use Shortcuts

Download the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app to skip commercials and replay games in under 30 minutes every Monday-Wednesday.

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